How Technology Can Help Advance Professionals with Disabilities

Guest blog by Patrick Young

For professionals with disabilities, the mobile workforce trend is an incredible development. The whole idea behind the mobile workforce is that employees no longer need to be in the office to work effectively. We’ve taken everything to the cloud, which means everyone can telecommute with ease. So whether you’re looking for a new role or climbing higher in your current career, technology offers solutions.  

Supercharge your tech

The first step is too have all the right gear to join the mobile workforce. It may be time to upgrade your home desktop or laptop. Tablets are also incredibly useful for working on-the-go, and many people prefer the touchscreen capabilities. And, of course, you’ll need a high-performing smartphone to handle all of today’s latest professional apps.  

Refine your search

Hunting for jobs online has never been easier, and with today’s tools, you can narrow down opportunities to very closely suit your needs. Most of the top job search websites also have handy apps so you can swipe through prospects from anywhere. You can use filters to find jobs that are remote-only, and you can also look to sites like Glassdoor to review companies that have a great reputation for accommodating disabled employees. Of course, if becoming an employee doesn’t fit with your plan for remote work, you can always start freelancing full-time. In fact, there are many online job boards that can easily help you connect with the people and businesses who need your services. All you have to do is create a profile!

Hone your video interviewing skills

For many disabled professionals, the interview tour is an unreasonable challenge. So instead, see how many interviews you can set up for video chat instead. For remote jobs, video or phone interviews will already be the primary interview method. Not only can you schedule video interviews, but there are also several apps out there like SimuGator and VirtualSpeech that will help you practice for a video interview and hone your skills before you meet with your first potential manager.

DIY your career advancement training

Career advancement training has become a whole lot easier. Depending on your needs and industry, you can easily find online training opportunities, which makes boosting your education easier if you have mobility issues. No need to attend special seminars and courses, with or without the cooperation of your employer. Instead, start jumping online to learn everything you need to know for your next promotion. 

Attend from anywhere

Finally, when you want to attend an event, you can still do so from your normal workspace, thanks to telepresence devices. As Telepresence Robots explains, these gadgets are designed to go places you can’t. Just like it sounds, it’s a robot which includes telecommunication abilities. You can have your device set up in another location to look at and engage with those who are there. For example, if you manage an office from afar, you can have the device in the room for meetings, and it will “see” and interact on your behalf, while you control it from your homebase. 

For professionals with disabilities who are ready to advance their careers, technology can make all the difference. Think about what gadgets, tools, and information you need to reach the next level. It’s out there, and you’re ready!

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