Do you have a business? Then you must have a website too? No? Did you know that you are missing out on a significant part of potential customers? In this mobile and internet era not having a website for your business will be having a negative impact on how customers perceive you. You need web development services urgently because all of your competitors are taking advantage of the fact that more than 90% of people prefer businesses with an online presence.

We are the leading website development company in Bedfordshire and are at your disposal. Hire us to get an aesthetically pleasing and elegant website that reaches out to customers and resonates.

What is Web Development?

Web Development is the build element of how a website is created after a website has been designed by our UI designer. Creating a website from scratch can be a huge task. It requires knowledge of coding and programming languages to create your website, load your products, get a domain name, host the website, etc. Your website is your digital shop or office, and it needs to look just right for your target audience and be easy to navigate.

Currently web development tools have become popular as they offer you the freedom to create your website. But they are not feasible in the long run because as your business grows especially if you need some custom functionality to improve your business processes. It might work out for a small business, but a growing business requires web development services so they can pivot and move with how quickly the world does. We have a dedicated team of business consultants and web developers who you can rely upon and trust.

Why do you need Web Development Services?

Every business needs a website. No matter what field you are in a website is a must these days because if you are not online potential customers will doubt if you exist. Customer buying behaviour starts with a referral, then search for the business on the internet, read the reviews and if they are satisfied proceed with a deal or transaction. Having a website is a must, and a web design company like us will guide you.

Hire the top website development company in Bedfordshire and enjoy the following benefits of having a website.

Get a professional-looking website

Get a professional-looking websiteCreating a website through web development platforms can only take you so far and you are no expert when it comes to usability best practices. A website isn’t created to your liking but aimed at your target audience. The website design agency you hire creates one based on customer preferences giving you an attractive, usable and professional-looking website.


You are open 24 hours

Unlike your business around the corner, the website is always working. You can sell products and services 24/7 without any geographical barrier. Traditional marketing can get you a handful of customers through your physical location but there is no limit to virtual footfall. With the help of professional SEO services you can even rank at the top of Google searches.


Expand your reach

Every business dreams of growing and expanding. If you are a seller having a website can help you venture into e-commerce. You can sell to anyone without any geographical barrier and expand your reach far and wide.



An online presence makes your customers trust you more and increases your credibility among the masses. This also proves you are a really business and not trying to scam customers.


Generate revenue

The goal of every business activity is to generate revenue. People who don’t know about your business can search for you online and contact you. It gives customers the desired information about a business, if they like what they see and have had a good experience they will allow you to discuss their business further. Greater reach and visibility leads to increased revenue. Websites can be so much more than just a shop window they can drive leads and generate revenue.


Improved communication

You can effectively communicate with your customers through your website. Be it discount announcements, product launches, offers, or other updates, you can announce them on the website which runs 24/7.


Brand awareness

A well-designed website effectively portrays what you represent and what you have to offer. With digital marketing your website attracts potential customers and spreads the word to more people about your brand and services.

Today websites have become the backbone of businesses and many we help revolve their customer base around them. With CO-LAB the top web development company we can build your dream website.


Why hire a Website Development company?

Using the services of a top web development company such as us will provide the following benefits for your business

Assured results

Having a professional website development company onboard ensures that you will get a reliable, fast, and aesthetically appealing website. We partner with you when you designing your website and guide you every step of the way. We find a partnership with our clients and keeping them informed works best. You don’t need to worry about the technical part. We have that covered.

Ongoing maintenance and support

Web development does not end at the website launch but requires ongoing maintenance afterwards. Therefore support and maintenance are crucial and significant parts of web development services. They help keep your website secure and stay on top of technological changes.

SEO-Optimised website

A website designed keeping the best SEO practices in mind ranks higher on Google. Without SEO optimisation it will not yield the desired results. You can have the best looking site around but if no one can find it then its pointless. We have a workforce that continually acquaints itself with the latest industry practices and offers you the best of the best.

Why Hire Us?

CO-LAB was established to offer you professional web development services and other services at an affordable price, so your small business can bloom without feeling the effect on the pocket. Our dedication to your goals is what keeps us going and we are among the top website development companies in Bedfordshire.

Hire us to get a high performing website or e-commerce website that helps bring in revenue for your business.

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